Sales and Technical Support

Our experienced staff develop customized and economically interesting solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Our experience, interdisciplinary team work involving all skills within the company, and the meaningful, detailed offers created in a 3D CAD program insightfully show the extent and the performance of our services early in the offer phase.

You receive prices and offers for our standard products as well as standard applications for our palletizing systems within a short time.

Engineering, Construction and Project Management

Our experience is used to build fast, high-quality, robust and sustainable specialized equipment. Our solutions are discussed periodically with the client and new insights are integrated. Our project managers communicate actively and purposefully with our customers so that we can handle your challenging projects together.

With our 3D - CAD design platform Solid Edge, we have a tool with which we can already see the strengths and weaknesses of a design in an early phase of the project, and we can show our customers their system or special equipment in an intelligible form early on.

Electrical Design and Control Cabinet

Our Electrical Design Team creates the plans, defines the security policy and plans the entire electrical equipment of the system. EPLAN P8 is employed - a modern electrical CAD solution.

The electrical cabinets are assembled and the electrical wiring connected in our workshop. All functions are fundamentally tested prior to installation in the system.

PLC programming

At the end, the software breathes "life" into every system. The planning and the structuring of the software starts at an early stage of the project and is intensified during the design phase. It forms an integral part of the overall system.

We primarily use familiar products from well-known suppliers in the programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Manufacturing and Assembly

We have our own mechanical production line. We can quickly and flexibly produce the many individual components and small batches for special equipment construction. We have a modern machine shop with NC controlled machines, and CAM infrastructure.

Under the leadership of the construction team, multi-discipline mechanics and automation engineers build the equipment and specialized machinery and inspect their own work.

The equipment and systems are thoroughly tested in our production hall in a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in conjunction with the customer.

Our installation crew installs the entire machine or system on-site, and supports the entire test period until the completion of the commissioning or the SAT (Site Acceptance Test).
Sales / Technical Support
Engineering / Project Management
Electrical Design & Control Cabinet
PLC programming