Special Equipment Construction

With our international customers we jointly develop and produce special equipment from the concept phase to commissioning for:
  • Automation
  • Parts handling
  • Assembly and packaging systems
  • Finishing machines
  • Laser Marking Systems
  • Test equipment and other special machines.
Our Employees
  • take your order details
  • develop new ideas
  • coordinate the solutions with you
  • design, construct, and build your new special system
After an internal test phase, we install your system on-site and accompany you until the system meets your expectations.

We handle many jobs as the general contractor. ROBO • MAT takes over system integration of other, externally supplied components and coordinates their integration into our overall system.

Images created in
Solid Edge

<P>Production system with four robots Connection to a higher-level control system.</P>
<P>Palletizing and feeding systems for integration with production lines</P>
<P>Rotary Transfer Machine with Laser Marking for ISO 7 cleanrooms.</P>
<P>Palletizing system for 100x100 mm pallets for the integration with load handling.</P>