Automotive supply

Project: Custom manufacturing system for fuel lines
Industry: Automotive supplier industry
Location: Germany / USA / Poland
Fuel lines in the automotive industry consist of prefabricated plastic lines with connectors on both ends.
ROBO • MAT was charged by a reputable supplier with the development and construction of a automatic system for the manufacture and quality control of fuel lines. After checking the length of the plastic pipe, a connector is mounted on both sides. The quality of the assembly process is automatically recorded and logged, and, if applicable, bad fuel lines are sorted out. The daily production volume of fully assembled and tested fuel lines is near several thousands.

With a simple modification of the machine for a variety of fuel lines the supplier can respond very flexibly to changes in demand. Further, the logistics can be optimized due to the flexible production.

Functional description:
  • fit the magazine with plastic tubes cut to length
  • Connectors are supplied to the machine through a feeder system with a storage hopper
  • Storage recognition of the connectors with the Vision System and perfectly positioned insertion of the parts into the assembly fixture with SCARA robots.
  • Joining of the connector and plastic pipe taking various production parameters into account.
  • Concurrent insertion and removal of the plastic pipes in the assembly fixture using double handling.
  • Cleaning of the inner surface of the fuel line with compressed air and automated quality control with subsequent sorting of parts according to OK/NOK results.