Laser - Marking System

Project: Laser marking for identification of racks & trays
Industry: Medical Technology
Location: Switzerland
For a laboratory analysis process, plastic pallets with 96 plastic holders must be labeled with a machine-readable identification. A laser marks the smooth underside with a 2D matrix code on an area of 2 mm x 2 mm.

Pallets are introduced in stacks. An articulated robot sporadically separates the pallets and checks the position accuracy, and stores them in a carriage. This moves the pallet to the laser diode (in the image without the cover), centers it, and marks the 96 plastic holders. The laser marking is checked in a subsequent reading process.

The double gripper of the robot then allows fast and efficient transfer of the pallet.

Since the gripper is equipped with a highly-sensitive sensor for measuring the position of the object to be gripped, the combination with the robot makes it possible to forgo use of any additional handling components.

The system runs entirely automatically in a 4-shift operation.