Special palletizing system

Project: Removal from pallet systems for calibrators
Industry: Medical Technology
Location: Germany
Calibrators will be delivered in trays from a filling machine.The calibrators will be removed and inserted in the packaging system at a high rate.

Due to the high cycle rate of 0.375 sec. per calibrator, a solution had to found that would allow simultaneous processing of multiple calibrators and automatic discharge of bad parts.
This was achieved with a linear feed of the workpiece carrier into a rotary module. After rotating by 180 degrees, the empty pallet is fed to the return path and is available for the unloaded handling.

Functional description:
  • Trays equipped with 224 calibrators are introduced into the stacking module in 2 stacks of 10 trays.
  • Trays are stacked, separated and put into the removal position for the calibrators.
  • A handling robot simultaneously removes 14 calibrators with vacuum grippers and inserts them into workpiece carriers.
  • The empty trays are stacked on the lower level again.
  • The workpiece carrier with the calibrators is delivered to the unloaded position. The packaging machine handler takes out 4 pieces.
  • The rotary module sends the empty workpiece carrier to the return path for the workpiece carriers.