Palletizing system PSS

The standardized universal palletizing system PSS consists of a stacking and unstacking unit for pallets, a transport system for pallets, as well as a pallet centering unit. This allows implementation of a very cost effective unloading and loading process for pallets. The components are also available individually for equipment manufacturers.
  • Palletizing systems PSS 1 for pallets from 100 x 100 mm
  • Palletizing systems PSS 2 for pallets up to 400 x 600 mm
For loading or unloading, the horizontal axis can be fitted to a palletizer with one or more grippers.
The PSS can be easily adapted to specific customer requirements.

The pallet changer is integrated so that no interruption occurs in the separation of parts.

Examples of applications in medical technology:
  • Palletizing system PSS 2 for the processing of insulin syringes
  • Palletizing system PSS 2 for the processing of inhalers