Storage system for FSM Cleanroom

Project: Storage module for medical cleanroom products
Industry: Medical Technology
Location: Germany
The FSM is responsible for automatically storing difficult-to-stack parts from a production line.

The FSM is a storage module, which has removable storage carts with several levels and an integrated assembly platform. A storage cart is pushed into the empty FSM, and raised until the first level of the production line is reached. The pallet carrier on this level is pushed onto the assembly platform where the medical products are gently moved to the pallets with a servo handler. The manipulator is also equipped with a servo drive, so that every storage space can be precisely filled on request. If the pallet is full, the pallet carrier is retracted fully automatically, the storage cart is positioned on the next level, and the cycle starts over.

If the entire storage cart is full, it is removed and an empty cart can be pushed into the FSM.