Conveyor belts

Small conveyor belts of ROBO • MAT are characterized by robustness, durability, precision and a wide range of applications. They are built as a modular system and can easily and quickly be assembled and delivered to meet specific customer requirements.

Our entire range of small conveyor belt is available at any length between 375 mm and 3,000 mm. Belt widths of 15 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm are available.
Special designs on request.
All belts can be operated in forward and reverse directions. The tapes are suitable for speeds from 3 to 37 m/min.

Small Conveyor Belt KFB 2010-S
  • one to six lanes
  • Belt lengths of 375-3000 mm
  • Belt width 15 mm
  • Knife edge optional
  • Special design with timing belts
  • Special belts available (FDA, etc.)
Small Conveyor Belt KFB 2010-D
  • single lane
  • Belt lengths of 375-3000 mm
  • Belt widths 50/100/150/200 mm
  • Special belts available (FDA, etc.)
<LI>one to six lanes</LI>
<LI>Belt lengths of 375-3000 mm</LI>
<LI>Belt width 15 mm</LI>
<LI>Knife edge optional</LI>
<LI>Special design with timing belts</LI></UL>
KFB 2010-S
<LI>single lane</LI>
<LI>Belt lengths of 375-3000 mm</LI>
<LI>Belt widths 50/100/150/200 mm</LI></UL>
KFB 2010-D