Small Conveyor Belt KFB 2010-S

Our small conveyor belt KFB 2010-S has a modular design, offering a wide range of models to optimally cover all customer requirements.

The main advantages:
  • one to six lanes
  • Belt lengths of 375-3000 mm
  • Belt width 15 mm
  • Reverse direction possible
  • Belt speed 3-37 m/min
  • Flexible motor position
  • Transported weight up to 50 kg, depending on the model
  • Knife edge on one or two sides optional
  • Several belt types with or without transport coating
  • Drive mounted inside
  • Height 123 mm
  • Special design with timing belts
Single-lane model
Two-lane model
- Drive on the inside
Multiple-lane model
- Drive on the inside
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